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MP3, CD & Printed Music $14.95

Order Custom Song: MP3 & Printed Music

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to I download the song?  Once you pay for the song through PayPal, Pay Pal will re-direct you to a page where you can download the printed music and the MP3. Just be sure you know where your downloads are located on your computer.

2. What if I do not have a Pay Pal Account? If you do not have an account with Pay Pal, you can still use them on a one time basis and use your credit card securely.

3. What if I want a different spelling of a name or a the name is for the opposite sex? Music can be corrected to reflect your requests. Just email us an email at [email protected],, and we will send you your custom music. We will notify you when your version of music is posted on line.

4. I am having difficulty seeing the songs on my phone. Is that normal?  We suggest using a computer/laptop  for the best success seeing all the songs on the site.

5. How long will it take fro me to receive  my custom song?  In most circumastances we can have it to you in a week.

6. Can I just email you what I want and have you send it to me? Sure!

7. Does it cost more to have a song customized for a name not on your list? No.Same price. 

8. If I have a question, what number do I call?  Call 405-413-5243 with any question. We'd be glad to help you any time.

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